How Do You Track Your Reward Points From Staples?

How Do You Track Your Reward Points From Staples?

To track your reward points from Staples, log in to your Staples account, click Your Account, and then choose the Staples Rewards option. Once you reach this page, a summary of your current available reward points and previous reward points is listed.

  1. Log into your Staples account

    Go to the Staples website, and log into your account by hovering over the Your Account text near the top right. A link entitled Sign In appears below. Click the link to sign into your account.

  2. Click on the My Account link

    Hover your cursor over the Your Account text once again. This time, click the My Account text to be directed to a page with a series of account options that you can choose from.

  3. Click on the Staples Rewards link

    Near the bottom right of the page, click the Staples Rewards option. This redirects you to your Staples Rewards summary page.

  4. View your Staples Rewards information

    Once you have reached this page, your currently available Staples Rewards points is shown at the center, under Available Rewards. Near the bottom left, your Staples Rewards summary for the current period is listed, along with an Ink & Toner summary, as well as your YTD, or Year-To-Date, summary.