How Do You Track a Package With EMS International Tracking?

Track an international package through the Express Mail Service system by visiting, clicking on the Tracking Services tab of the main navigation bar, and entering the 13-digit item number to see a list of its past locations and its current estimated delivery time. The item number typically appears on the shipping receipt for the parcel and comes from the carrier at the time of shipping.

Customers receive a tracking identification number each time they pay to ship a parcel internationally, which typically includes both numbers and letters. By entering the code on, they are able to view a list of the times it was scanned into a country's postal system, including the time, date and location of the scan. The site also displays the status of the package and an estimation of when it may arrive at its final location.

The Express Mail Service is part of an international organization that connects regional postal systems in different countries to allow for the expedient and timely shipment of packages internationally. The official postal system of each country must obtain membership in the Express Mail Service system to participate in the program, which includes a set of standards and protocols for handling mail, formatting addresses and delivering packages within a set time frame. When a customer sends documents or merchandise internationally through the postal system, he is able to reference the standards of the organization and contact certain departments in the event of mailing issues.