How Do You Track Old Dominion Freight Line Shipments?

How Do You Track Old Dominion Freight Line Shipments?

Track Old Dominion Freight Line shipments by going to the company's website,, and clicking on Trace in the Tools menu. On the OD Trace options page, choose from Trace My Freight, Tracking URL, ODLF4me Tracking and Tracing, and Track and Trace With Web Services.

Using the Trace My Freight option, enter up to 10 tracking numbers, also called Pro Numbers. Current status information is displayed for each shipment without registering or logging on to the system.

The Tracking URL option supplies a direct URL link to Old Dominion's shipment tracking page for a given Pro Number. Access this URL from a website, or send the link to others to give them direct access to tracking information.

To trace a shipment by purchase order, bill of lading, load number or pickup number, use the ODFL4me Tracking and Tracing option. The system requires an ODFL4me User ID, which a user can obtain by registering on the website of calling Old Dominion customer service.

The Track and Trace With Web Services option is a way for web developers to pass data to ODFL and receive tracing information on shipments. Web services are based on open standards and are hardware, programming language, and operating system independent, so applications written in different programming languages and running on different platforms can exchange data.