How Do You Track a Forex Box?

Customers can track a Forex balikbyan box shipment by using the tracking tool on the company's website. As of 2015, Forex balikbyan boxes are available in four sizes, ranging from a 9-by-16-by-17.5-inch option up to a 20-by-20-by-23-inch box. The company specializes in overseas shipments bound for the Philippines originating from Forex shipping centers worldwide.

As of 2015, millions of Filipinos work outside of their home country for much higher wages than those in the Philippines. Many of the expatriate workers ship home a variety of products that are too expensive or difficult to get in their native country to relatives and others, and Forex boxes are one of the most popular methods for those shipments.

Philippine customs allow up to $500 U.S. currency worth of non-commercial goods or commercial goods in low quantities only intended for personal use to be shipped into the country inside of each balikbyan box. The most typical items that customers ship include non-perishable grocery items, shoes, clothing, kitchenwares and small electronics. Items not allowed in Forex box shipments included flammable items, firearms, ammunition, pornographic material, gambling cards and monetary instruments of any kind, including cash, money orders, checks and traveler's checks.

Forex's main shipping office in the United States is located in Orange Park, Florida. It has other shipping stores in several U.S. states and territories, including Illinois, Maryland, Arizona, California and Guam.