How Do You Track an EPacket From China?

As of 2015, customers can track an ePacket that is sent from China using the shipment tracking tool provided on This tool requires the customer to input his shipment number with EMS and click the verification button next to the text box before the system can start tracking.

Alternatively, customers can also track a Chinese ePacket shipment by using a third party tracking tool that is provided on This tool requires the user to input a provided verification code before entering his tracking number. Customers who input an inaccurate verification code are unable to use the tracking tool. China Post ePacket shipments typically have a parcel number that starts with either the letter E or L and ends with CN.

China's EMS or ePacket shipment is part of the service offered by the China Postal Express & Logistics Company. The company was founded as a limited company that is owned by the state. The company was co-founded by provincial level postal companies alongside the China Post Group on June 2010. The company claims to have assets of approximately 21 billion renminbi and boasts a network that covers all the cities in China in addition to 200 regions and countries around the world.