How Do You Track Duracell Stock?

How Do You Track Duracell Stock?

As of 2014, Duracell was purchased by Berkshire Hathaway from Procter & Gamble, notes It is no longer possible to track Duracell as an individual stock, but those interested can follow Berkshire Hathaway under the stock symbol BRK.A.

Tracking stock is as simple as researching its history on the stock market and following the ups and downs of its day-to-day positions. There are websites that allow customers to create accounts and follow stocks for free or a small fee, states One website to check out is Morningstar; use the steps below to track stocks on this site.

  1. Go to Morningstar
  2. Visit Click on the Register link in the upper-right corner. If interested in paying for a premium membership, visitors may click on the Subscribe link.

  3. Register for the site
  4. Click on the basic membership button. Provide the required information to register including name, ZIP code and email and create a password. Click on the Continue button. Provide additional contact information on the next page and fill out the questionnaire to help Morningstar tailor the site to the user.

  5. Add Berkshire Hathaway to the online portfolio
  6. Click on the Portfolio tab after creating an account. Add a new holding to the portfolio and enter the stock symbol "BRK.A." Add purchase price, date and number of shares. Select the desired email alerts such as a change in value of more than percent. Use the tracker on the next page to follow the stock.