How Do You Track Your Credit Card Use?


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Ways to track credit card use include receiving transaction alerts, using text banking services, keeping track of your account online, and using categories to see how you're using your credit, notes Forbes. You can also see how long it's likely to take to pay off your current credit card debt by requesting a credit card debt snapshot.

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Transaction alerts provide notification of unusual card activity the moment it happens, according to Forbes. These alerts can help detect fraud, as well as increase your awareness of your credit card activity. You can arrange to receive alerts whenever your credit card balance reaches a specified limit, which may help keep you from overspending. Similarly, text message banking provides quick access to details of your account, such as your current total balance.

Those who use their credit cards often may want to log into their online credit card accounts to track their spending before they receive their monthly statements, notes Forbes. Doing so is also a good way to be aware of unauthorized activity.

Dividing credit card purchases into categories helps you determine where you should cut spending, according to Forbes. Splitting purchases into categories can also help you to create a budget.

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