What Is TotalAccess Payroll?


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TotalAccess Payroll is an self-service employee payroll system provided by ADP Canada. The system allows employees to personally change their banking information or addresses and print and view tax and payroll statements.

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TotalAccess saves employers money by allowing employees to complete steps traditionally done by HR professionals. Those HR professionals then have more time to devote to the other aspects of people management. Additionally, the system saves resources by cutting down on the amount of paper used to physically distribute tax documents and pay stubs, which not only saves money, but it is also more environmentally sustainable.

TotalAccess is also designed to improve accuracy in employee data, as the employee personally enters his information into the system, so there is a much lower risk of errors in translation of the data from employee to HR to the system.

Those who wish to adopt the TotalAccess system should contact ADP by calling its toll-free number or emailing an account manager. Once set up, the employer receives the tools to set up the system for the company, as well as a roll-out guide, training tools, reference materials and user guides to ensure a smooth transition. ADP Canada is the top supplier of employer services in Canada. The company has nearly 2,000 sales associates and provides services ranging from payroll to benefits administration to time and labor management.

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