What Is Total Security Management?


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Total security management is a concept within the business world that focuses on creating a complete system that protects all assets and actions of a company throughout its organizational structure. It frequently involves integrating protection services and technology into different areas of the business to both add value to customers and reduce costs through preventative measures.

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A total security management system begins with a full evaluation of the company's structure and business focus in order to identify the areas that possess the greatest risk, both in terms of safety and lost revenue. The company then develops various methods and procedures to minimize risk at each point with the end goal of maintaining or increasing profits. The system stands in contrast to older views that incorporating security and safety measures decreases the companies' revenue, due to increased spending, and worsens the customer experience.

The specific implementation methods vary between companies and industries, as some may require physical actions whereas others might benefit the most from digital services. For example, a transportation company may focus on installing security cameras and hiring more guards, which would in turn make passengers feel safer and thus more likely to pay for transport with the company. Alternately, a cloud storage firm may increase the encryption on its servers and hire specialists to frequently test the system, which allows the company to advertise a greater level of security for its users and thus gain an advantage against the competition.

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