What Does the Toronto Humane Society Do?


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The Toronto Humane Society provides adoption services for dogs, cats and small pets. The Society allows owners to surrender their pets. There is also a custodial surrender process for people who are taking care of other people's pets. The Society runs a facilitated adoption program that lets owners keep their pets until the organization finds a suitable home.

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The Toronto Humane Society does not turn away any stray animals. The Society accepts transfers from other animal shelters so that it can reduce euthanasia rates.

The Spay and Neuter Clinic at the Toronto Humane Society provides its services primarily to cats and kittens. The clinic also accepts dogs and puppies but does not provide its services to breeders.

Pet owners can vaccinate their cats and dogs at the Society’s vaccination clinic. Kittens and puppies have to be 6 weeks old to receive vaccinations. The clinic does not provide travel documentation for pets.

The Toronto Humane Society has private and group dog training classes. Dogs must have vaccinations, and puppies have to be 4 months old to participate. Some of the training classes available cover basic obedience, aggression control and puppy socialization.

In accordance with its no-kill principles, the Toronto Humane Society works to provide care and protection to all animals.

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