What Are Some Topics to Review Before Taking a CPR Certification Test?


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The topics to review before taking a cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification test include how to check for responsiveness, when to dial 911, how to check a pulse, the A-B-C cycle, and how to perform CPR. Online resources for CPR manuals and review questions can be found at RedCross.org and FirstAidWeb.com.

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FirstAidWeb.com contains a table that acts as a cheat sheet for how to check for responsiveness, when to dial 911, the pulse locations, and what A, B, and C stand for in the A-B-C cycle. The table further breaks down the information for adults, children and infants. For example, the Circulation part of the A-B-C cycle for an adult says “two hands, 2 inches; 15 compressions.” This means that in order to aid in circulation for an adult you need to use two hands to push the chest down 2 inches for 15 compressions.

RedCross.org provides combined PDF manuals for CPR, first aid and AED. Each page contains instruction on how and when to perform tasks. For example, page six of the Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Ready Reference contains brief instruction on how to perform CPR on an adult who isn’t breathing.

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