What Are Some Topics Included in Insurance Training Classes?


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Insurance training classes cover a variety of topics, including the different types of insurance, legalities of an insurance contract and the claims process. Students also learn about the general principles of insurance and the evaluation of risk when deciding whom to insure.

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The principles of insurance class teaches students about the process of securing coverage, as well as the rights that are granted to the owner of the policy. In this course, students may also learn about the available features for various types of insurance policies.

An insurance educational course may also include training on insurance laws and regulations. Students learn about federal and state rules regarding the responsibilities of the insurance company and procedures that the company must follow. This course may also touch on underwriting regulations and how to analyze the insurance market.

Another common insurance training topic is reinsurance administration, which ensures that the company will have adequate assets to pay out valid claims. The class may include instruction on commonly used reinsurance contract clauses and industry standards on quality control.

For students who are going to work in the insurance industry as a customer service agent, training classes may include instruction on how to speak with customers and collect relevant information. They may also learn the company's claim processes and how to provide customers with exceptional service.

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