What Are Some Top Reasons Employers Terminate Employees?


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Top reasons employers terminate employees include inability to perform job duties as assigned, lack of commitment to the job, lack of integrity and violation of company codes of conduct. Other reasons for terminating employees include inappropriate behavior toward co-workers or customers, displaying a constant negative attitude and stealing.

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Some employees are not up to the task of performing their job duties, and when training fails to remedy the problem or the employee continuously struggles to meet goals, termination is often the only course of action. It is best to fire a poorly performing employee before he has a chance to build strong workplace relationships.

Employees who show up late for work and regularly miss work deadlines lack commitment. This type of employee is disruptive to goal achievement, and staff cannot count on him. An employee who acts in underhanded ways, lies about little things, or uses ambiguity and confusion to hide his actions is not trustworthy due to a lack of integrity.

Company codes of conduct include specific rules of behavior that all employees must follow, but some employees bend or break these rules. Behaviors that violate a company's code of conduct include bullying, harassment, accepting bribes and lavish spending of company funds. Employee theft is a costly problem, and when employers catch employees stealing, employers reveal documented proof of repeated theft and let the employees go.

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