What Are Some Top-Rated Places to Sell Items Online?


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Top-rated places to sell most used items online include OfferUp, Amazon and eBay. The best places to sell homemade products online include Etsy, Zibbet and DaWanda. Bonanza is ideal for selling higher-end clothing and fashion. Swappa is a good online marketplace for those interested in selling used electronics, such as phones and tablets. Craigslist.org is also a popular place to sell used items online; however, it is not always the safest option.

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OfferUp allows users to buy and sell items while avoiding some of the issues inherent in using Craigslist.org, such as scams, by using its TruYou system, which verifies the identity of buyers and sellers. To verify identity, a user must scan his ID. OfferUp also includes a rating system that allows users to rate a transaction, and the site is easy to use.

Amazon is a good place to sell items with a short turnover. One of the benefits of selling on Amazon is that used items are posted in search results with options for a new version of the item; however, if the item takes too long to sell, the seller may have to pay fees. EBay evolved to include more than just auctions and also includes items an individual can buy or sell immediately. It has a global reach, but in recent years has sided more with buyers during disputes, making it less friendly for sellers.

Etsy is the largest online marketplace for selling homemade goods, with cheap listing and commission fees. DaWanda is the second-largest online market, but the company is based out of Germany, and all prices are listed in Euros. Zibbet is a relatively new site based out of Australia, as of 2016, but it has a lot of American sellers.

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