What Are the Top Paying Jobs in the State of California?


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The top ten paying jobs in California by average salary are nurse anesthetists, judges (including magistrate judges and magistrates), general pediatricians, architectural and engineering managers, computer and information systems managers, astronomers, marketing managers, natural sciences managers, lawyers and general dentists. Average salary within the top ten jobs ranges from $171,260 to $138,340, as of 2015.

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Nurse anesthetists have the highest average salary but their starting salary is only $69,950 and there are only 820 of them employed within California. Judges have the second highest average salary, but they also have the highest starting salary at $119,050 with over 2,000 judges currently employed. Pediatricians have an average salary of $103,930 and there are over 4,000 employed within the state.

Architectural and engineering managers have a starting salary of just below $100,000, but there are over 31,320 currently employed. Computer and information systems managers have the fifth highest average salary in the state at $149,720 and are the third most employed within the top ten at 49,760.

Astronomers have the sixth highest average salary, but they have the lowest starting salary in the top ten at only $55,430 and there are only 130 currently employed. Marketing managers, natural science managers, lawyers, and dentists round out the top ten with 70,590 lawyers currently employed, the most out of the top ten paying jobs as of 2015.

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