What Are Some of the Top Occupations?


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Some of the top jobs of 2015 include dentist, nurse practitioner, software developer and dental hygienist, according to U.S. News & World Report. These jobs all pay well, provide challenges without excessive stress, offer opportunities for advancement and have a good chance of increasing hiring in the coming years.

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What Are Some of the Top Occupations?
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Dentists are responsible for patients’ oral care and hygiene as well as recognizing other issues, such as oral cancer and heart disease. Dentistry pays well but also offers practitioners a reasonable balance between home life and work life without excessive hours. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects dentist jobs to increase substantially through 2022.

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with additional education who serve to both assist physicians and treat patients on their own. While nurse practitioners require less education than physicians, they are increasingly serving as primary care providers for patients. The BLS expects the field to add over 37,000 new jobs by 2022.

Software developers create both software applications, such as games or apps, and operating systems, such iOS or Android. With society’s increasing dependence on technology, the BLS expects these positions to grow exponentially in the future, with creation of an estimated 140,000 jobs by 2022.

Dental hygienists clean teeth and also educate patients on proper oral care. The position boasts a high annual salary, and many dental hygienists work part time. The BLS expects the field to grow by 33 percent before 2022.

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