What Are Top Jobs of the Future?

Future job growth is expected to be most pronounced in the fields of healthcare, personal care, technology and construction. Social assistance careers are also expected to be in high demand.

Job growth predictions are established by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This agency assesses the current job market and analyzes industry patterns to, in turn, forecast what career fields will look like down the road. Other factors play into what is considered the "best jobs," too, including compensation and compensation based on geographic location. Within each sector identified as a hot spot for job growth, the BLS identifies specific careers that are expected to be particularly lucrative.

In the field of healthcare, nursing jobs such as nurse practitioners and registered nurses (RNs) are forecast to have considerable growth over the next 10 years, according to Forbes and Business Insider. Nurse practitioners are trained and qualified healthcare providers who are authorized to diagnose and treat medical conditions including illnesses and diseases. They are able to prescribe medication, perform some procedures and manage acute and long-term medical conditions, which can be of a physical or psychological origin.

Personal Care
Personal care jobs are also slated to rise. By 2024, the BLS anticipates an additional 44,700 nurse practitioner positions to be added to the workforce, according to Business Insider. Those considering a career as a registered nurse will be glad to know that there is expected to be a 26 percent growth in that job field through 2020, which will amount to over 700,000 additional jobs, according to Forbes.

Similarly, home health assistance and hospice care is another field in the medical profession that is projected to see significant growth. Home health aides are individuals who care for elderly patients or patients with long-term illnesses or injuries in the comfort of their own homes. This profession is anticipated to see approximately a 20 percent growth in job availability through 2020, which amounts to over 700,000 new jobs.

Construction and Transportation
In addition to medicine and personal care, the construction industry and related fields are anticipated to see more activity in the coming years. Job growth looks promising for electricians, who maintain and repair electrical systems in residential and commercial establishments. This field is expected to see about 85,900 new jobs added by 2024. Across the country, electricians are expected to earn an annual salary of around $51,000. Salaries vary by state and level of training. At minimum, electricians must hold a high school diploma.

Individuals considering a profession in labor, freight moving and transportation should also expect growth. Through 2020, this field is expected to add about 319,000 additional jobs, or 15 percent job growth. Truck drivers and heavy equipment operators should msee more job opportunities in the coming years when over 300,000 new jobs are expected to be added as demand for consumer goods continues to surge.

Computer Science
Computer science, software engineering, information technology (IT) services and related careers are other areas expected to see promising growth through the next decade. Through 2024, about 153,000 new software application developer jobs are expected to be added to the workforce, and are expected to earn about $95,000 annually.