What Are Some of the Top Energy Companies in the United States?


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Top energy companies in the United States include: Provider Power, American Solar Direct, Go Energies, First Point Power, Choice Energy, Solect Energy Development, Next Step Living, Apex Fuels, Apex Controls, Global Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy Collective and more, according to Inc.com. These companies produce a mix of energy; some are traditional utility suppliers, while others, such as Solect Energy Development, Solar Direct and Clean Energy Collective, produce energy from alternative sources. Of these companies, Provider Power is the largest, with an annual revenue exceeding $135 million as of 2015, notes Inc.com.

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Provider Power is a regionally based power company that services New England. It is the parent company of several subsidiaries, including Provider Power Mass, ENH Power and Electricity Maine. Electricity generated to consumers from Provider Power is sourced from third-party suppliers, according to ProviderPower.com.

However, depending on the location, people may select their own suppliers due to deregulation. This company serves residential and commercial customers with a standard billing service. Customers receive a monthly bill and subscribe to either the Standard Offer or Basic Service plans.

American Solar Direct is one of the largest solar energy companies in the United States. It generates an annual income of more than $52 million as of 2015, notes Inc.com. This company is based in California and serves residents there. Instead of supplying all customers with the same electricity, American Solar Direct works individually with consumers to build a solar array that is right for their properties. Once activated, the array offsets the cost of electricity, which ultimately lowers customers' traditional energy bills.

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