What Are the Top 10 Mortgage Companies Online?


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According to a study conducted by eHow, the most popular online mortgage company is Bank of America. The second and third most popular online mortgage companies are PHH Mortgage and Amerisave, respectively.

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What Are the Top 10 Mortgage Companies Online?
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Ditech is the fourth best online mortgage company. Following Ditech are E-Loan and Lend-Mor Funding, ranking as the fifth and sixth best. The list continues with Acre Mortgage and Home Finance of America at numbers seven and eight. Concluding the list are Vistorian Finance LLC and LendingTree.

LendingTree, ranked as only the 10th best online mortgage site, operates differently than the other online mortgage vendors. LendingTree acts as a mortgage aggregator site and helps users get into contact with banks, rather than lending money to users directly. Most of the top 10 banks use LendingTree to find customers, which makes it easy to search and compare mortgage rates. Furthermore, LendingTree puts users in touch with real estate agents and provides free credit checks. Due to its variety of resources, LendingTree tops several other lists of best online mortgage companies, including the list put together by Money Under 30. This site also lists a handful of companies not mentioned in the eHow study, including Discover Home Loans and Bills.com.

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