What Tools Do Companies Use to Track the Price of Oil Daily?


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Companies track the price of oil daily by using Yahoo! Finance. Firms can also track oil prices by using the CNBC and CNN Money websites.

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What Tools Do Companies Use to Track the Price of Oil Daily?
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To track oil prices on Yahoo! Finance, a user may click on the "Market Data" link under the "Finance Home" section in the left-hand corner of the page, and then scroll down to the "Commodities" section within the page. The Commodities section has oil prices displayed, because the page is set to track energy commodities by default. Additionally, the user can click on the "Commodities Center" link at the bottom of the column header for a specific focus on oil prices.

For tracking oil prices on CNBC.com, hovering a mouse over the "Markets" section of the site's menu causes a drop-down box to be displayed. After the user clicks on the "Commodities" tab, oil prices can be tracked in the "Energy Futures" section. This is the first section after the page's menu.

For oil prices on CNNMoney.com, clicking on the "Markets" section of the site's menu, and then scrolling down to the "Commodities" column header within the page allows the user to click on the "Commodities" tab. The user can find the latest energy prices under the "Energy" column header. It is the first column header on the page.

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