How Do You Get More Free Tokens With Token Grabber on Pogo?

To get free Pogo tokens by using the token grabber tool, log in to your Pogo account, go to the token grabber page on, and press Give Me Tokens. After that, the algorithm loads the pages for all the free Pogo token offers on the website. For each bonus that applies, Pogo tokens are added to your account.

To get the most Pogo tokens when using the token grabber, run the search frequently, as some of the offers give tokens for loading the pages every day, week or specific day of the week.

Some offers are not included in the token grabber algorithm because they require users to enter information or to play games. For example, as of October, 2015, users could get 5,000 Pogo tokens for subscribing to the Pogo newsletter. To collect tokens from such offers, go to the Free Pogo Tokens page on, find the special Pogo promotions section, and follow the instructions for each offer.

Other websites, such as Badge Hungry, also list free Pogo tokens offers. For example, users can get a Club Pogo membership, Pogo gems or Pogo passes for free or at a discounted price.

The official Pogo website also has free tokens offers. For example, one of the offers promises users 30,000 tokens for playing cash games.