What Are Some Tips for Writing Testimonials?

What Are Some Tips for Writing Testimonials?

When writing a testimonial, be brief, engaging and authentic. Provide answers to questions such as, “How did the company help meet your needs?” and “Would you refer other people to the company?”

Start the testimonial with a sentence about yourself, the need you had and why you decided to work with the said company. In the body of the testimonial, state how long you have worked with the company and describe the quality of their work. Conclude the testimonial by stating who you would recommend to work with the company and why.

Make the testimonial real. Avoid anonymity because people do not put much value in anonymous testimonials. Make it personal by expressing genuine feelings to help potential clients relate to the situation. Provide a way for people to contact you if they want to verify the authenticity of the testimonial.

Be brief and only give the important aspects of the service, product or company. Provide the major highlights in the first two paragraphs, and be engaging because a testimonial loses its power if it takes long to read and comprehend.

Be honest in describing your experience, because other people might evaluate the company and make decisions based on the information you give. An honest testimonial also provides important feedback to the company.