What Are Some Tips for Writing a Project Manager CV?

What Are Some Tips for Writing a Project Manager CV?

Begin your CV for project management with a clear and detailed list of qualifications according to the Project Management Institute's career central site. The site recommends placing your degree abbreviations directly after your name in the heading of the CV.

Project Management Institute recommends creating a clear objective for the CV that is forward-looking. Instead of using the objective to summarize your experience, use the space near the top of the CV to express your goals in the career path you have chosen.

A profile statement should immediately follow your objective, according to Project Management Institute. This statement is intended to describe your qualifications and the benefits they bring to the position you want.

Your resume should include all of your experiences related to the project management position you are seeking. Include your experience in an academic setting if your list of real-world experience is limited. Be sure to use each section of your list of experiences to detail what you accomplished from the beginning to the end of your time spent in the position.

Monster.com recommends that experienced project managers use their CVs to highlight project results. Detailing the results of projects you have managed in the past separates your CV from those of other applicants.