What Are Some Tips for Writing a Non-Profit Mission Statement?


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Tips for writing a non-profit mission statement include getting different perspectives, taking time, being open to new ideas and keeping the mission statement short and precise. A good mission statement is easy to understand and remember.

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Getting input from the board, staff, community members and volunteers helps to develop a basic concept for a mission statement. Ways to get input include using phone calls, surveys and meetings.

Developing a mission statement should be a slow and deliberate process. Enough time should be set aside to gather information, reflect, get input from key parties, proofread and make changes where necessary.

The writer should also be open to new ideas and different interpretations of existing ones. Effective brainstorming techniques should be implemented to allow a free flow of ideas. These ideas can be narrowed down later to create the final draft.

Although mission statements vary in complexity and length depending on the purpose of the organization, effective ones are usually brief and straight to the point. The mission statement should be strong enough to inspire but short enough to remember.

Lastly, a professional writer can help to improve language and remove jargon in the final stages of development. A mission statement may be an integral part of branding and marketing, and a professional writer can help make it easy for the general public to understand.

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