What Are Some Tips for Writing a Letter of Suspension?


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Some tips for writing a suspension letter are be direct to the point and professional, state the specific violation or infraction that results in the suspension, and indicate the start and end dates of the suspension. Suspension letters are official public announcements that also serve as legal documents.

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A suspension is sometimes served as a punishment or to provide for an unimpeded investigative period. As it is a legal document, the tone must be objective, concise and unemotional. The first paragraph must contain the reason for the suspension and point to the specific violation by making reference to such documents as the employee manual, company policy or employment contract. As suspensions are temporary in nature, the letter must indicate the inclusive dates that the suspension is in effect and provide information such as what the recipient may or may not do while under suspension, how the recipient may rectify behavior and remove the suspension, or how the recipient can appeal the suspension.

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