What Are Some Tips for Writing a Job Advertisement?


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To attract a high-quality pool of applicants, take the perspective of a job seeker when creating a job advertisement, analyze the competition, compose an advertisement instead of a job description, and use subheadings. The advertisement should be a screening tool for the position with a very specific instruction for candidates to follow. As with all professional writing, have someone proofread the advertisement before posting it, and ensure that there is a mechanism so that all applicants receive a response.

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While it is tempting to post on the most popular job boards, they may not be the best places for the specific job advertised. Placement of an ad should reflect the industry and location of the job offered. Carefully decide where to post by thinking like a job seeker and completing a few searches. Ask a professional in the field where it is that she places advertisements.

Remember that the purpose of the ad is to get the right people to apply, not to train them for the position. Include details about the company, benefits offered, and why it is an exceptional company to work for.

Avoid cramming a lot of information in a block of text that is difficult to read. Use subheadings and bullet points. Clearly identified sections should be visible, with subheadings including job duties, qualifications, benefits and company mission.

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