What Are Some Tips on Writing an Introductory Marketing Letter?


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The most important tip when writing an introductory marketing letter is to know the customer and write the letter from the customer's perspective. The letter is about the customer even when it's describing the service or product being marketed. The letter doesn't need to sell the product; it needs to sell the customer on how he is likely to benefit from the product or service. Short, easy to read, well-organized letters written in active voice are most effective.

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Use headlines to grab the reader's attention before telling the whole story, suggests Entrepreneur.com. Effective headlines are compelling, not gimmicky; avoid using fancy type styles, graphics or too much color. Headlines can be brief statements, questions or even sentences, but they need to grab the reader's attention so she will continue reading. Style and vocabulary used in the letter should be consistent with that used by the customer based on its website and marketing materials. Grammatically perfect, serious and professional are words that describe a top-notch marketing letter. All job titles, addresses, acronyms and abbreviations should be accurate.

A marketing letter should close with an invitation that requires some type of action, such as making a call to set up a product demonstration, attending an open house or accepting a trial offer. All the specifics can be included, with a relatively short time frame requested for a response. The letter should be personally signed. Some salespeople add a handwritten postscript as another way to set their letter apart.

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