What Are Some Tips for Writing an Interview Essay?


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Some tips to write an interview essay are to do the necessary prep work before beginning, open with a thesis statement in your introductory paragraph, compose three body paragraphs that address big ideas you learned, and conclude your essay with a summary and a few closing remarks about the person you interviewed. A good interview essay begins before the interview is conducted. Prepare for an interview by deciding on the most important questions you can ask to obtain good information.

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Every person has a story, and you should make your interviewee feel comfortable enough to reveal the interesting details about her story. After the interview, arrange your notes into a logical order, and decide on a thesis statement that describes why you chose to interview the person and what you plan to reveal about her. Include the thesis statement in your introductory paragraph. One common technique for introductory paragraphs is to lead with a humorous anecdote.

Each paragraph in the body of your essay tells the reader something that you learned about the interviewee. It's common for interview essays to have three body paragraphs, but adjust to any instructions you're given for the essay. Some writers create the body content using a question and answer format to parallel the interview. Write this style either in the narrative format or using direct quotes for the answers given by the interviewee.

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