What Are Some Tips for Writing an Employment Objective?


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Some tips for writing an employment or resume objective include ensuring precision, concision, relevance and maintaining an employer-oriented stance. This latter point is key and means avoiding stating any personal needs or preferences in a working environment. The focus should always be on how the employer will benefit by hiring the person seeking employment, says the job site Monster.

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Precision and relevance may help to maintain this employer-oriented focus. Employment objectives should always be catered to the specific position being applied for, according to Monster. For example, an objective for a candidate seeking a teaching position could be: "Dedicated and dependable educator, skilled in all aspects of teaching within an elementary school environment." Such an objective shows the hiring staff who the applicant is, rather than who she wants to be.

While employment objectives are not always required on a resume, they can help it to stand out. Keeping the resume short and to the point will also help to ensure that it actually gets read.

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