What Are Tips for Writing Employee Accomplishments Letters?


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Employers seeking to recognize employees with letters outlining accomplishments should keep the letter brief and include an overview of the specific behavior the company admires. The letter should provide an expression of appreciation and a bullet list of accomplishments of the employee that have impacted the company's culture, productivity, profits or customer service.

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Employers should provide specific details about the employee's attitude and efforts that led to the accomplishments and include personality traits such as integrity, work ethic, friendly manner or commitment to excellence that have been noticed by management. Employers can also state how the employee's accomplishments have fulfilled the company's mission and goals.

A letter recognizing employee accomplishments should detail how the employee's contributions set that individual apart from fellow employees. It should outline how the employee has gone above and beyond to accomplish a goal for the company or organization and the impact that has had on fellow employees, customers and upper management. The letter should encourage future success and thank the recipient for committing to the success of the company.

A letter outlining accomplishments for an employee is commonly distributed in conjunction with a company celebration, meeting, or as part of the employee's annual or quarterly performance review.

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