What Are Some Tips for Writing an Effective Letter of Encouragement?


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Writing effective letters of encouragement depends on knowing your audience, whether you’re writing to a specific individual or a group. In either case, careful attention to tone, diction and situation help ensure the readers get the message.

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Most people are familiar with letters of encouragement that ask for them work as volunteers or make donations. If called on to write this kind of letter of encouragement, keep in mind that you’re writing to a very large, diverse group. Use language that is moderate but also vibrant. State the reason for the request clearly and try to characterize the organization so that any reasonable person would understand how time and money will be spent.

Another common type of letter of encouragement is sent in the wake of a loss or disappointment to let the recipient know that he or she has the support of a friend, family member, workmate or supervisor. For instance, an office that a staff member has lost a close friend or relative and can’t take time off work to grieve. His letter of encouragement should demonstrate his co-workers’ sympathy and their promise of emotional support, as well as respect his privacy.

Another example is a letter of encouragement to a teenager who has tried out for a sports team and missed the cut. Acknowledge the disappointment and remind him that not everyone succeeds on a first attempt. Also, provide information about opportunities to play in other leagues and offer help with rides, uniforms, etc.

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