What Are Some Tips for Writing an Effective Final-Demand Letter?


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Some tips for writing an effective final demand letter include going over the main issues of the dispute, typing the letter and always being polite. It is a good idea to begin writing the letter with the ultimate goal in mind.

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A final demand letter should never be handwritten, so make sure it is typed up. Local libraries often have computers and printers if one is not available. It helps to have lists of the main facts of the dispute before beginning. This helps to structure the letter properly. This list becomes an outline of the information to be included in the demand letter. Make a record of unanswered phone calls, along with any inappropriate conduct or phone conversations, as the letter might eventually be read by a judge.

When constructing the letter, be courteous and polite. Never judge, harass or abuse the person to whom the letter is being sent. Keep the main goal in mind, while including details in the final demand letter, such as wanting to reduce one’s own risks and keeping in mind how long the defense process takes. Be clear about the goal with the person receiving the letter, such as a specific dollar amount that is being requested. Do not be vague but instead use a detailed figure, being sure to explain how that figure was calculated. If it includes additional charges, such as bounced check fees or late fees, make a note of that in the letter.

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