What Are Some Tips for Writing a Cover Letter for a Receptionist Job?


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A cover letter for a receptionist job should open with a statement expressing interest in the position at the company and a sentence detailing that the candidate has the qualifications for the position. The body of the letter should detail skills possessed that are related to the job.

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What Are Some Tips for Writing a Cover Letter for a Receptionist Job?
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Aspiring receptionists should outline experience as a receptionist, accomplishments in previous jobs and goals met during work experience. Education and specialized training relevant to the duties of a receptionist should be detailed as well as soft skills, such as a positive attitude, eagerness to complete tasks, ability to work independently and an interest in customer service.

A cover letter for a receptionist position should provide an overview of experience and proficiency with software applications, equipment and hardware as well as experience multi-tasking in a variety of office environments. Aspiring receptionists who have strong organizational skills and the ability to create and implement processes that simplify the work flow should provide examples to illustrate these skills.

The cover letter should close with a request for an interview, detailed contact information and an offer of appreciation for the hiring manager's time. Job applicants with professional online profiles or portfolios should provide links for the potential employer to view.

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