What Are Tips to Help Write a Proposal Letter?

A proposal letter should open with a correct heading and formal salutation, follow up with a summary of the proposal, continue into a clear explanation of the proposal and its basic terms and end with a statement of thanks. A well-written business proposal letter increases the recipient’s likelihood to view the proposal favorably.

A proposal should open with a properly formatted letterhead or return address at the top of the letter. The recipient’s name and address go two lines below the letterhead on the left side of the page. The date should come beneath the recipient’s information, either centered or on the right side of the page. Below the date on the left side of the page is the “Re:” line, which offers a clear, concise statement of the letter’s purpose.

After opening the letter with a formal greeting, the writer should offer a quick overview of the proposal in the first paragraph. This summary should attempt to explain the proposal’s main points as simply as possible. The letter should move on to a second paragraph outlining the major details of the proposal and what the writer hopes to achieve. It’s also useful to outline any potential benefits of the proposal for the recipient. If there is a direct request for an action on the recipient’s part, this should come at the end of the paragraph.

The letter should close with a note of thanks and encouragement for the recipient to contact the writer with questions. A valediction such as “Sincerely” or “Yours truly” should end the letter, along with the writer’s signature and any supporting documentation.