What Are Some Tips for Wording an Award Certificate?


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The wording in an award certificate should include essential bits of information such as the name of the award, a presentation line, the name of the person receiving the award and a description of the reason the person is receiving the award. The wording could personalize the certificate and specifically describe the achievement for which the person is being given the award.

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The name or title of the award could include the name of the institution that is granting the certificate and prize. The presentation line is a simple clause that typically describes the giving of the award, the name of the person receiving it, and the date. Alternatively, the recipient's name could be included in a different line and enlarged or made bold so that it stands out from the rest of the text. Often, the date is also spelled out in a different line in wording such as, "On the 31st Day of October of 1985."

The bottom part of the award commonly includes a signature of a person from the institution that is granting the award. Such award certificates are often very similar in appearance to documents that confirm official certification in some skill or field, but the latter contain other essential items.

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