What Are Some Tips for Using STAR Format Interview Techniques?


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Tips for using the STAR format when answering interview questions include describing a specific situation or event, keeping the focus on you and including what you learned from the experience. STAR is an acronym for situation, task, action and result. This technique helps to give clear and structured responses to competency-based and behavioral interview questions.

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The situation part of the STAR technique requires you to set the context of the story. Give specific details of the scenario including a time frame and participants. For example, your team is due to give an important presentation to potential investors but the person leading the presentation is caught up in traffic.

The task section of the framework highlights what is required of you. Ensure that the interviewer understands what your specific responsibility is regardless of how many people are involved in the project. Following the example, it is your responsibility to find a replacement and ensure that the presentation goes on as planned.

The activity section of the framework describes the exact steps you take to solve the problem. Keep the focus on your specific contribution including when describing a group effort. In this example, you ask another member of the team with thorough knowledge of the presentation to take charge.

The result part of the framework describes the outcome. Provide specific details of the outcome including what you accomplished and what you learned. In this example, the presentation goes reasonably well and the person meant to give the presentation makes it in time to answer questions and to clarify problems in the presentation. You learn that every team member is required to arrive to the venue at least an hour before the presentation.

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