What Are Some Tips for Using Estate Planning Questionnaires?


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When using an estate planning questionnaire, enter correct information to the best of your ability; ask your attorney if you're unsure about some details, and tell him that you're going to provide your best estimate; and answer all questions if possible to help your attorney design a comprehensive estate plan along with potential alternatives, recommends the Law Office of Thomas P. Hogan. Your attorney may ask you to provide more accurate details for certain questions.

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An estate planning questionnaire may ask for personal and family information, details about personal and family financial assets, personal estate planning objectives, and other important matters, including community property, powers of attorney, living will and health care power, notes the Law Office of Thomas P. Hogan. Answers to an estate planning questionnaire remain private unless a client authorizes the release of the document.

An estate planning questionnaire is essential, because it allows an estate planning lawyer to determine the most optimal plan for a client, thus avoiding complicated legal processes upon the client's death, explains Attorney Douglas A. Turner. Provide complete family information to help your lawyer assess the designation of beneficiaries and the need for trusts.

Your lawyer may also ask if you use a safe deposit box and where you keep the key, according to Attorney Douglas A. Turner. Put your original will in the safe deposit box to avoid costly probation of a copy in the future.

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