What Are Some Tips Through MassMutual RetireSmart?


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MassMutual RetireSMART offers a variety of tips and resources for financial planning, including tips on investments, college planning, family planning, retirement savings and building finances, as described on the official RetireSMART website. Resources include videos, seminars, articles, games and financial calculators.

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RetireSMART is a retirement fund offered by MassMutual, as listed on NYTimes.com. It is a mixture of different mutual funds from domestic and international sources and is fairly conservative in terms of risk. However, the fund still aims for high long-term returns.

MassMutual's RetireSMART website also offers a variety of financial resources. It includes articles that offer tips on retirement planning, catching up on retirement savings, 401(k) plans, rollover options, pensions, college planning, meeting savings goals and investing in the stock market. It also provides a wide variety of videos with tips on topics such as searching for a financial adviser, understanding stock indices, choosing bonds, finding saving opportunities and learning about retirement strategies and retirement investments.

The website also offers financial tips through a variety of multimedia resources. It includes games to help website visitors learn about retirement planning. It also includes calculators to help calculate savings, retirement savings, retirement planning, Roth individual retirement accounts, Social Security, college savings and asset allocation.

Website visitors can browse through all available topics, browse topics by subject or select their age to see topics that may interest them.

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