What Are Some Tips for Talking to an Insurance Claims Department?


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When talking to a representative from an insurance claims department, remain calm and polite, document every contact in a journal or diary, be proactive, and do not let out frustration over the loss on representatives, says United Policyholders. When making a claim, keep in mind that although you begin a conversation with an adjuster, you can ask to communicate with a supervisor if necessary.

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Documentation of every communication and the outcome allows you to keep up to date on the status of the claim, according to United Policyholders. It also allows you to keep a detailed record of any promises made by the company and the date such commitments can be expected to be fulfilled. When making a claim, remain on top of the process by giving the insurer complete proof of all losses and demand a value amount as calculated by such. It is often best to ask for the proper value of the losses before the adjuster offers any amount.

You should avoid agreeing to a confidentiality agreement too early, advises United Policyholders. Such agreements often the diminish your bargaining power when negotiating a claim because they may be too broadly phrased and geared to reducing certain policyholder rights and privileges.

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