What Are Some Tips for Surgeons Looking to Practice or Improve Their Skills?


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Playing video games can help a surgeon looking to improve his skills. Surgeons who play video games for a minimum of three hours a week make fewer mistakes in laparoscopic surgery, according to a study by Dr. James Rosser, reports NBC News.

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What Are Some Tips for Surgeons Looking to Practice or Improve Their Skills?
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Video games also help surgeons to improve their speed when undertaking surgical procedures. This is because video games require the same hand-eye coordination that is useful for surgical procedures, such as laparoscopic surgery. Surgeons improve their speed during procedures by up to 27 percent, reports NBC. The games help surgeons develop timing, a sense of touch, and a feel for manipulating devices, such as those necessary for laparoscopic surgery.

Surgical skills laboratories also provide surgeons with an avenue for practice and acquisition of skills in the early years of their careers. Surgical skills laboratories commonly use single multihour events for their training events, which are especially viable for surgeons interested in continuing medical education, claims the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Surgeons looking to practice or improve their skills can take a number of courses that surgical consultants offer. Various surgical student societies also run these course, says the Association of Surgeons in Training. The courses allow upcoming surgeons to practice and perform surgical procedures on the bench using simulations and prepared animal tissue.

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