What Are Some Tips for Successfully Selling a Home?

What Are Some Tips for Successfully Selling a Home?

Tips for selling a home include learning the home's market value, assessing its physical condition, watching the competition, doing research and setting a deadline. If you have no experience selling homes, involve a real estate agent to ensure the sale goes smoothly.

Contact a local agent to find out the real market value of the home when setting the price. The agent tours the home and considers recent comparable sales to determine the home’s market value.

Next, assess the home’s condition for aspects that may not be enticing to potential buyers. Enroll the help of an experienced agent to suggest home improvements. Minor improvements may include moving things to storage while major improvements may involve full bathroom and kitchen renovations.

Visit multiple open houses to get a good idea of what it takes to sell a home. Find out how much homes similar to yours sell for to determine the best price for a home in your neighborhood.

Get bids from stagers, landscapers, contractors and painters, depending on the size of the renovation project. Set a budget, and consult with the agent to prioritize work. Research the home’s title report and records to ensure that there are no problems that might put off a potential buyer. Set a date to have the property listed, and leave enough time for repairs and renovations.