What Are Some Tips for Starting a Recycling Company?


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Tips for starting a recycling company include identifying the target demographic, choosing a material to recycle that is not experiencing oversaturation, and outlining a clear business plan that includes a direct revenue stream. It may also be helpful to purchase used equipment and focus on social marketing to lower startup costs.

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What Are Some Tips for Starting a Recycling Company?
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An entrepreneur interested in starting a recycling company should begin by researching the applicable recycling laws in her state to understand the different requirements she must meet to start the business. She should also research the different materials available for recycling to identify the most profitable market to enter. For example, if her city already has existing contracts with a firm to collect curbside recycling, she may wish to instead focus on other materials for which consumers have no direct means of recycling. She should use this information to create a business plan, which incorporates her target demographics, competitor research and projected revenue strategies.

Once she identifies the material she wishes to recycle and the means for earning revenue, she needs to register the company with her local tax boards and pay the applicable fees. She should also create a company website to house information for customers, as well as create appropriate social media accounts so that she may market the company and earn free publicity. Purchasing used recycling equipment or vehicles also allows her to reduce the cost of initial investments and earn a profit more quickly.

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