What Are Some Tips for Starting a Pressure Washing Business?


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Tips for starting a pressure washing business include getting clients before starting the business, doing extensive research, hiring professional help and resolving legal issues from the beginning. It is important to have personal finances in good standing because a new pressure washing business may take time to bring in profits.

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Marketing the business before setting up a pressure washing service helps to get a good idea of what kinds of equipment to purchase. Networking with other similar businesses and volunteering at established pressure washing businesses helps to get hands-on experience and to get an objective view of the business prospects.

Do extensive research when writing a business plan to get the specifics of pressure washing services, products, equipment, methods and techniques. Join related forums, networking events and message boards to gather as much information about the business as possible. This makes it easier to secure financing for the business when applying for a loan.

Hire professional help even when running a small business. A professional bookkeeper or accountant helps to handle areas of business that the owner is not proficient or qualified in. A pressure washing contractor that takes on tasks he is not qualified for may cost the business valuable time and money that could be used to advance the business.

Lastly, consult with a lawyer or accountant about insurance, licenses and other state requirements before starting a pressure washing business. It is more expensive and difficult to fix legal issues once the business is established.

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