What Are Some Tips for Starting a Pet Sitting Service?

What Are Some Tips for Starting a Pet Sitting Service?

Some tips for starting a pet sitting service include deciding on the services, having a location and getting training. Other tips include purchasing insurance and advertising the service. In the United States, more than 60 percent of households have pets, and many require pet sitting services.

Before starting the service, decide on the services to offer. These can be day care services, overnight boarding or both. Also, decide on the type of animals to be included in the service. It can be one type of animal or different animals.

If the service will be run from home, dispose of objects that the animals might chew and damage, those that can scratch the animals and those that the animals may swallow. Also consider creating an area in the yard where the animals can play.

Be a professional in the field by undergoing training on animal care. The pet sitter has to discipline and feed the animals, and he should know how to do that professionally. Organizations such as Pet Sitters International offer accreditation to pet sitters.

Animals can get stolen, injured or lost while under the care of the pet sitter. It is important for the pet sitter to get an insurance policy to be protected from such circumstances. In the case of hiring an additional employee, make sure he also undergoes professional training in animal care.

Advertising the service is another step. Advertise the service by creating a website or handing out business cards to potential customers.