What Are Some Tips for Starting Your Own Travel Agency?


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Working from the home or an office, finding a niche, considering a franchise, registering and getting certified are some tips for starting a travel agency. A person can operate a travel agency from home or at an office location.

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If a person wants to start a travel agency and he does not have enough money, he should consider basing the travel agency at home. However, he should make sure that he has a reliable Internet connection to enable him access travel packages and airline schedules. He can then help clients make travel arrangements through email or phone.

According to Plunkett Research, about 80 percent of all travel is leisure and not corporate. Therefore, it is important for the entrepreneur to develop a niche and become an expert in that area. Becoming an expert earns the entrepreneur referrals in the travel industry.

An entrepreneur who is new to the travel industry should consider acquiring a travel franchise. A franchise grants the entrepreneur access to an established brand and proven business models. Besides, a franchise reduces most of the risks associated with starting a business.

In some areas, it is a requirement that the person starting a travel agency registers as a travel seller. That can involve acquiring a bond or paying a fee.

It is advisable for the entrepreneur to obtain professional certification even if it is not a requirement in his state. That gives the entrepreneur a competitive advantage over those who do not have professional certification. It also establishes the entrepreneur as a professional in the travel industry.

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