What Are Some Tips for Starting Your Own Publishing Business?

What Are Some Tips for Starting Your Own Publishing Business?

Tips for starting a publishing business include having cash on hand before getting started, working with authors to develop a marketing strategy, joining publishers' associations and choosing the right business name. Licensing requirements for publishing businesses vary from state to state.

Printers typically only accept checks or cash as payment for printing books, so it is important to have cash available from the very start. This may include credit cards or personal savings. A good rule of thumb is to invest personal finances not needed for at least a year.

It is a good idea to work with authors directly to come up with a marketing campaign, because readers are typically interested in hearing about authors' writing journeys, their lives and discussions about their books. Be sure to include the authors' marketing responsibilities in their contracts.

Join both national and regional independent publishers' associations. These help in networking, gaining exposure and learning more about the business. Joining regional associations may make it easier to join national ones or to get discounts on memberships in larger associations.

Lastly, come up with a memorable business name that is usable and neutral in a variety of languages. Ask for opinions and input from industry experts when choosing the business name, and perform a name check before spending any money on using or registering the name.