What Are Some Tips for Starting Your Own Driving School?

What Are Some Tips for Starting Your Own Driving School?

Tips for starting your own driving school include getting information on the laws in your state, setting up your business as a limited liability corporation, writing a business plan and getting the driving instructor license. Submit all paperwork and fees, and advertise your driving school business to get clients.

Research on the laws and requirements of starting a commercial driving school in your state. These laws cover licensing requirements, insurance and vehicle inspections. In case of questions or doubts, consult with an attorney before starting the business.

Another useful tip is to register your driving school business as a limited liability corporation as opposed to a sole proprietorship. You may have to file articles of incorporation, register a business name and get a business license. This helps protect your personal finances by separating them from your business.

Create a business plan that has details on your location, vehicles, instructors and classrooms. Always refer to your state laws to ensure your business plan complies with the laws and regulations. Get a driver's instructors license, even if you intend to hire instructors to train the students. To get the license, you may need to complete a practical and written test.

Ensure you have sufficient funds to start the business. You may need between $10,000 and $50,000 to start your driving school, as of 2015. You can get these funds from your personal savings, or you can secure a loan from a bank. Complete all the paperwork and fees to start the driving school. These may include a certificate of incorporation, vehicle insurance information, a copy of the building lease and instructor license verification.