What Are Some Tips for Starting a Mobile Notary Business?

Tips for starting a mobile notary business include identifying the target client base, offering multiple services instead of focusing on loan-signing assignments, and establishing alliances with other notaries, according to the National Notary Association. A mobile notary business should also have a plan that includes the mission of the business, its hours, expenses and the niche it fills. Enlisting the help of a coach or mentor is often a good idea but so is finding the right person.

Loan-signing assignments are the focus of many mobile notaries, but diversifying services helps ensure stable work and revenue, explains the National Notary Association. One trick is to offer services that have different receivables cycles. Another is to promote unique assets such as attorney credentials, bilingualism or being available 24 hours a day. Such assets are good to use for alliances with other notaries; for example, a new Spanish-speaking mobile notary business can work with more-established notaries who do not speak Spanish but can refer Spanish speakers to the new business.

Finding the right coach or mentor includes checking the credentials, social media presence and websites of the people under consideration, states the National Notary Association. The right coaches or mentors need to be earning active income through commissions and/or by offering non-notary services.