What Are Some Tips for Starting a Home Health Care Business?


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Before starting a home health care business, search for areas with high populations of senior citizens. Obtain licenses for the home care businesses, and hire home health care professionals. By applying to be a Medicaid or Medicare provider in a particular state and involving a staffing agency, you increase the odds of becoming a participating home care provider and employing qualified and licensed workers.

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Hearst Newspapers recommends checking out the U.S. Census Bureau's website to determine the age demographic of people living in a given area. To find the target market consisting of retirement communities, you should also check local publications.

To obtain licensing, visit your state's department of business to understand the licensing requirements. By consulting the county in which you intend to set up the business, you gain insight regarding any additional permits or licensing requirements.

To find the right cadre of health care providers, consider involving a staffing agency in the local area. Hearst Newspapers advises business owners to ensure the workers have state licensure and do not have criminal backgrounds. Pursue Medicare and Medicaid approval by contacting the local Medicaid office and applying to be a participating provider. Additionally, consider the surety bond, which varies by state, to qualify as a participant.

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