What Are Some Tips for Starting a Courier Service From Home?


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To start a courier service from home, convert one room into an office, apply for a license, determine areas of focus and rates, and advertise your services. Contact small businesses, schools and hospitals, and leave brochures and business cards to get commercial clients.

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Before starting a courier service, procure reliable transportation for picking up and delivering packages. Start with a car or van, and purchase or lease larger trucks as the business grows. Apply for an appropriate vendor's license with the local county or city clerk. Determine the type of packages, the clients and the weight limit that the business can handle. Contact courier services in the area to obtain rates for various client types, packages and mileage, and price your services based on these rates.

To advertise the service, create a website, and register it with search engines. Register with print and online Yellow Pages, leave fliers in retail outlets and place ads in coupon magazines. Stress your competitive edge, including your ability to provide more personal services than larger companies. Schedule pickups and deliveries with customers who call, and arrive on time to help retain these customers. As the business expands, create a dispatch center, hire drivers and look for employees to answer phones and take orders.

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